The Real Estate Coach


Автор: Bradley J. Sugars

Язык: Английский

Издательство: McGraw-Hill

Год: 2011

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238 стр.
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It's a fact: you'll never get rich just working for a living. The only sure way to achieve real wealth and the freedom it buys is by letting your investments work for you. And, as self-made multimillionaire Brad Sugars proves, the quickest and safest route to the kind of passive income it takes to live the dream is real estate investment.
In The Real Estate Coach he delivers the same easy-to-understand-and-use strategies that brought him and millions of his clients success. Step by step he shows you how to:
- Find great investment opportunities.
- Manage your properties for maximum profit.
- Add value to your investments without breaking the bank.
- Sell for a substantial profit.


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