The Shipping Point


Автор: Peter J. Levesque

Издательство: Wiley

Год: 2011

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300 стр.

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The Shipping Point examines the historical transformation taking place in China today as it evolves from global manufacturer to global consumer marketplace. The book further examines the impact this transformation will have on the future of retail supply chain management.

The book is divided into four key sections. Section One: The Rise of China examines the remarkable ascendancy of China's economy, domestic infrastructure, and flourishing human capital. Section Two: The Changing Face of Consumer Retail, discusses the impact that social networks and internet design technology are having on traditional retail models and looks at the development of China's retail sector and domestic consumer brands. Section Three: Retail Supply Chain Innovation looks at ways of building more dynamic, sustainable and resilient transporation networks and discusses the critical role that people and technology will play in supporting the supply chain of the future. Section Four: Supporting the Dynamic Supply Chain provides a more tactical perspective on the fundamentals of logistics network design and successful supply chain execution in China. The critical role that leadership plays in building and supporting successful logistics programs in China is also discussed.

Peter Levesque and his contributing authors bring together their practical expertise and insight in examining the opportunities that exist in both consumer retail and supply chain management over the next decade in China. In addition they provide insightful perspective into what it will take to turn those opportunities into reality.

The Shipping Point offers a definitive reference guide for anyone involved in retail supply chain management in China.


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