The Times Good University Guide 2012


Автор: John O'Leary

Язык: Английский

Издательство: HarperCollins Publishers

Год: 2011

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544 стр.
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How do you find the best university for the subject you wish to study? You need a guide that evaluates the quality of what is available, giving facts, figures and comparative assessments of universities. Since 1992, The Times has produced the most widely respected and used university league tables. The Guide takes the key measures of quality as its focus, so you can make informed choices of university and subjects. Still unique and still controversial, the rankings provide hard data, analysed, interpreted and presented by a team of experts. Contains the most up-to-date league tables on more than 60 subject areas and over 100 UK universities: this is the most definitive and authoritative guide available.

  • How to select the right course and the right university for you;
  • All you need to know about applying and finding accommodation;
  • Employment prospects: new information and statistics to inform your choices;
  • Fees, bursaries, and all other costs explained;
  • The best universities for sport ranked in a great new league table;
  • Detailed profiles of each university and new city profiles;
  • Advice for anyone considering studying abroad.

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