The Vacant Throne


Автор: Tim McFarlane

Язык: Английский

Издательство: Книга по Требованию

Год: 2013

Дополнительные характеристики

210 стр.

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81250 руб.


In book 2 of The Legend of Kairu series, humour, adventure, magic and strange, strange love run rampaged as the land of Kalenden changes. It has been two cycles since The Tower of the Watchful Eye has been banished to the Spirit Plain and the citizens are taking out their frustrations on magic users. Fleeing the prosecution, Andy Holcombe and Cathy, the sarcastic demon living inside him, flee to the Szwen Forest to live as Kairu, Guardian of the Forest. One peaceful morning, an envoy of soldiers stumbles their way into the forest chasing a rogue Mage. Finding Kairu, they inform him that the Mage was responsible for the death of the Balendar royal family and now he travels west. Kairu joins up with the group to hunt the Mage down and quickly discovers that his choices from the past are coming back to haunt him. Review for The Tower of the Watchful Eye... ...Tim McFarlane creates a modern fantasy akin to the likes of Terry Pratchett. This story is full to the brim with quirkiness and unexpected twists, it will not fail to make you 'laugh out loud', I know because it made me. 'The Tower of the Watchful Eye' is a must read and I would give it the highly coveted but well deserved 5 stars.


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