The Wedding Photography Field Guide: Capturing the perfect day with your digital SLR camera


Автор: Michelle Turner

Год: 2011

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192 стр.
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At any wedding you attend, you will not only see the professional photographer, but a host of the happy couple's friends and family, cameras in hand, all looking to capture the definitive shot of the perfect day. The portability and adaptability of digital photography has opened up the world of wedding shooting; however, on such a special occasion it's vital that the photographer is confident that he or she is up to the job. The Wedding Photography Field Guide-although compact enough to fit easily into a suit pocket-offers comprehensive and easy-to-follow advice on how to do the special day justice. Whether it's dimly lit churches or lively dance floors, wedding photography presents particular and demanding locations, and you rarely have much time to shoot. All the situations you're likely to encounter are covered here, along with advice on the best equipment, posing, people-management, and technique. The book also explores different styles of wedding photography, from the classic formal portrait to modern reportage approaches, with inspirational shots from leaders in the field. A portable but comprehensive field guide that lets you capture the perfect moments first time Subjects covered include preparation, strategies and techniques you need to capture the key moments of the day, perfecting your shots in the digital darkroom, and preparing beautiful albums Approachable style and immediate usefulness make this the perfect companion for wedding guest shutterbugs


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