Transition metal complexes of benzopyran-4-one Schiff bases


Автор: Nora S. Abdel-Kader and Aida L. El-Ansary

Язык: Английский

Издательство: LAP Lambert Academic Publishing

Год: 2015

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176 стр.

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The condensation of primary amines with aldehydes or ketones gives products known as imines or Schiff bases which contain a C=N group. Metal complexes of Schiff bases have contributed widely to the inorganic chemistry of chelate system. The extreme sensitivity of physical and chemical properties of Schiff base compounds to small changes in the substitution and in the environment, together with their ready availability justify their extraordinary wide spread applications. The chelating properties of Schiff bases towards transition metal ions were of interest to many authors. The Schiff bases are expected to exhibit variable bonding and stereochemical behavior in their complexes because of the presence of several alternates bonding donor sites. Accordingly, this book contains preparation and characterization of a series of Schiff bases derived from the condensation of benzopyran-4-one derivatives with aliphatic diamines (ethylenediamine and trimethylenediamine). The mode of chelation of some transition metal ionswith these Schiff bases was elucidated by different techniques. The book is a valuable study to inorganic chemists those research coordination compounds of transition metals.


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