Ux Best Practices How To Achieve More Impact With User Experience


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Год: 2011

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Significantly increase your impact on product development with tested and validated User Experience (UX) techniques

About the Book
UX Best Practices, Processes, & Techniques is a compendium of proven UX strategies, based on the real experiences of a global set of UX gurus. Each chapter focuses on specific or collections of UX practices implemented in real-world scenarios within global companies such as SAP, Siemens (Germany), Lenovo, Ping An, Tencent, Changhong (China), Intuit (US), Swiss Federal Railways (Switzerland). This definitive guide is filled with tested, validated, authentic best practices, processes, and methods for successfully implementing and integrating UX in any development initiative.

UX Best Practices, Processes, & Techniques

  • Features more than 20 global contributors who present cutting-edge approaches
  • Focuses on a unique practice or set of practices in each chapter implemented in an actual organization
  • Includes real-world examples that demonstrate how moving UX up front in the development cycle can improve quality in measurable ways and positively impact the bottom line
  • Contains techniques you can easily apply to your own development initiatives

In-depth coverage:
Integrated & Established UX Process; Utilizing IBM’s IPD Process; Becoming More User Experience Focused; UX Process with UI Widgets & Systematic Localization Capabilities; UX for Product Innovation for Medical Devices; Maintaining the Vision from Start to Finish—Front-End Solution Process; User Experience & Agile Development; Design Thinking; UX Targets & UX Priorities; UX Brief; UX Prototyping; UX Patterns; UX KPIs for Product Improvements; Setting Up & Sustaining User Experience’s Impact


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