Valve Handbook. 3Rd Edition


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Год: 2011

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480 стр.
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Comprehensive, up-to-date coverage of check, relief, control, and smart valves for the process industry

Revised to include details on green strategies and the latest technologies, Valve Handbook, Third Edition explains basic valve theory, common applications in process control, nomenclature, and differences between existing valve designs. The book describes each valve design, how it operates, and its advantages and disadvantages over other common designs. Basic valve and actuator sizing is described using step-by-step examples. The book also discusses common process and control problems that can hamper valve performance and provides a detailed list of solutions.

The Third Edition is revised to introduce how valve technology is used to implement green strategies in today's process plants. The emphasis is on the chemical, power, and hydrocarbon industries and their attempts to minimize fugitive emissions, produce better power efficiencies, and increase production without increased waste or pollution. The new edition also updates and explains technology advancements, such as integrated controls/actuators, newest generation of HART controllers, and smart actuator packages.

New to This Edition

  • New seal designs
  • New integrated controller/digital actuators
  • New digital positioning information and smart valves
  • New chapter on green technology, including water and wastewater applications
  • Explains how green plant technology can result in greater efficiencies and zero fugitive emissions
  • In-depth information on maintenance issues

Complete coverage:
Introduction to Valves; Valve Selection Criteria; Manual Valves; Control Valves; Manual Operators and Actuators; Smart Valves and Positioners; Valve Sizing; Actuator Sizing; Common-Valve Problems; Valve Selection Criteria


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