Vander'S Renal Physiology, 7Th Edition


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Год: 2011

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240 стр.
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The structure, function, and pathologies of the human kidney -- simplified and explained

This seventh edition of a concise, well written book on renal physiology continues the legacy of the book as a major contributor in the field....This well written book is an excellent review of renal function and is one of the best concise reviews of the topic.--Doody's Review Service

Written in a concise, conversational style, this trusted text reviews the fundamental principles of renal physiology that are essential for an understanding of clinical medicine.

Combining the latest research with a fully integrated teaching approach, Vander's Renal Physiology explains how the kidneys affect other body systems and how they in turn are affected by these systems. Filled with the learning tools you need to truly learn key concepts rather than merely memorize facts, Vander's will prove valuable to you at every stage of your studies or practice.


  • New Global case studies
  • New An online physiology learning center that offers additional exam questions, artwork, and graphs
  • Offers the best review of renal physiology available for the USMLE Step 1
  • Begins with the basics and works up to advanced principles
  • Distills the essence of renal processes and their regulation in a concise, integrated manner that focuses on the logic of renal processes
  • Features learning aids such as flow charts, diagrams, key concepts, clinical examples, learning objectives, and review questions with answers and explanations
  • Explains the relationship between blood pressure and renal function
  • Presents the normal functions of the kidney with clinical correlations to disease states
  • Includes the most current research on the molecular and genetic principles underlying renal physiology


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