Wastewater Solids Incineration Systems Mop 30


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Год: 2011

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402 стр.
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The Latest Methods for Wastewater Solids Incineration

This authoritative volume offers expert guidance on incineration of wastewater solids, including sludge and biosolids. Current practices and environmentally sustainable options are covered. Developed by the Water Environment Federation, this definitive guide fully explains the safety, permitting, design, operation, and maintenance of the incineration process. Wastewater Solids Incineration Systems includes detailed coverage of instrument and control systems, heat recovery and reuse, emission control and monitoring, ash handling and recycling, and more. Case studies of new and updated facilities are presented.

Wastewater Solids Incineration Systems covers:

  • Safety regulations, codes, and standards
  • Permitting and emissions regulations
  • Combustion theory
  • Combustion technology, including fluid bed design and multiple-hearth furnaces
  • Heat recovery and reuse
  • Emissions control and monitoring
  • Ash handling and recycling
  • Instrumentation and control
  • Incinerator operations and maintenance


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