Why Rent? Own Your Dream Home!


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Год: 2011

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Your Dreams Can Come True

You CAN Buy Your Own Home

Do you throw away money on rent month after month? Is your only hope of making a profit on your home getting your security deposit back after your lease runs out? Don't waste your hard-earned dollars paying your landlord's mortgage. With these strategies from experts in real estate, personal finance, taxes and mortgages, you can afford to buy your own home!

In just three hours, learn how to:

  • Raise the money for a down payment
  • Organize your personal finances so you can meet mortgage payments
  • Choose the mortgage type that's best for your financial situation
  • Discover your ideal home based on your budget and lifestyle

Take the first step toward financial freedom-homeownership. Get the inside story on how to stop paying your landlord's mortgage and buy your own first home.


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