Wilkie Collins


Автор: Melisa Klimaszewski

Издательство: Hesperus Press

Год: 2011

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112 стр.

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184500 руб.


Author of the first detective novel in English, Wilkie Collins was one of the most popular authors in Victorian England. In this illuminating biography, Melisa Klimaszewski situates the writer within his own milieu and demonstrates how his work sparks new understandings of Victorian life and letters. A close friend and collaborator of Charles Dickens, Collins secured his own fame with sensational novels that feature intricate legal plots, mistaken identities, and complex crimes. Boldly challenging the mores of Victorian society by maintaining two families and shunning the institution of marriage, Collins was also one of the most unconventional public figures of his day. His life story, succinctly told in this elegant biography, promises to instruct and to entertain.


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