Writing, Researching, Communicating:Communication Skills For The Information Age, 3/E


Год: 2011

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608 стр.

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The discipline of communications is a prominent factor in today's business environment. More than ever before, the way in which we communicate clearly reflects new directions in social, vocational and organisational life. The third edition of Writing, Researching, Communicating: Communication Skills for the Information Age , expands upon the dramatic changes in communications which have taken place through the final decade of the 20th century, and poses significant developments for the 21st century.

A well-balanced approach to both theory and practice is continued in this third edition. Throughout each newly expanded chapter, practices and skills are both immediately relevant and consistently derived from a coherent, up-to-date theory of communications and its role in society. Focusing on the need to dissipate many of the myths that surround communications practice, Writing, Researching, Communicating, assists students and teachers in developing the kinds of communications skills that are in demand today, and necessary for the future. New to this edition.

The third edition of Writing, Researching, Communicating has four completely new chapters. These are: chapter 5: Document Design, chapter 12: References & Bibliography, chapter 22: Writing for Broadcasting, and chapter 23: Media Law. In addition to these new chapters, the most current developments in electronic and digital technology have been updated, with a completely rewritten chapter entitled The Revolution in Communication Technology.


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