X-Men vs. Avengers/Fantastic Four


Автор: Roger Stern, Tom Defalco, Chris Claremont, Stern Lee

Год: 2011

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272 стр.

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Written by ROGER STERN, TOM DEFALCO, CHRIS CLAREMONT & STAN LEE Penciled by MARC SILVESTRI, KEITH POLLARD, JON BOGDANOVE & JACK KIRBY Cover by KEITH POLLARD Two titanic tussles for the price of one! First: When Magneto's on trial, he needs all the help he can get - and he finds it in the remnants of his former fortress, Asteroid M! The X-Men aren't sure what his scheme is, but they're positive they don't want the Avengers and the Soviet Super-Soldiers to find out before they do! It's multi-team warfare with the eyes of the world on all three! Then: On the verge of disintegration, Kitty Pryde seems resigned to her doom - but the X-Men will do anything to save her, even bargain with a worse doom...Doctor Doom! What stunning secret prevents Mr. Fantastic and the Fantastic Four from saving the day instead? Is he terrified of failing because his greatest failure - the fateful rocket flight - might have really been his greatest success? Do the answers all come down to wunderkind Franklin Richards? Also featuring the X-Men's fabulous first face-offs with the Avengers and Fantastic Four in Marvel's early era! Collecting X-MEN VS. THE AVENGERS :1-4, FANTASTIC FOUR VS. THE X-MEN :1-4, X-MEN :9 and FANTASTIC FOUR :28. 272 PGS./Rated A


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