Your Will, Your Way


Автор: Tony de Kort

Язык: Английский

Издательство: Книга по Требованию

Год: 2013

Дополнительные характеристики

146 стр.

Цена на OZON:

83750 руб.


The current system of wills and estate planning in Australia is flawed and littered with broken families. That's because almost anyone who has an interest in your will could challenge it if they feel they've been left out. Why are wills so easily disputed in the first place? A will is, without doubt, one of the most important documents you will ever have. You need to ensure, while you're in control and can organise it, that there won't be any problems after you're gone. Your Will, Your Way reveals what is wrong and gives you valuable information that will help you save money now, while you're still here. Learn everything you need to know to ensure your family does not lose out financially after you're gone. Discover why the system is rotten and how you can protect your family the easy way. It's not worth the risk.


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